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Komal Keshran - Editor and Creator

Komal Keshran is a young artist from Malaysia. Their work has appeared in APIARY Magazine, The Write Launch and Apeiron Review among others. They are also the creator and editor of Orange Blush Zine. Read their work online at

Jack Joseph - Head of Design

Jack Joseph is a fine art student at Plymouth College of Art, England. His work often references his experience with dysphoria and societal expectations of masculinity and femininity, beauty and the ugly, developing distinct aesthetics through unique techniques. His work is created through a multifaceted process of photography, illustration, animation and other digital mediums; forming imagery which appears to be in some liminal space and often grotesque, unsettling or peculiar.

Sophia William - Exec. Team Member


Sophia William is a psychology student and executive team member at Orange Blush Zine. She's here for the vibes.

Shekinah Louis - Resident Writer

Shekinah Louis has always been fascinated by how words can possess such a powerful hold on someone's life, let alone their moods. Words have had a humongous impact in her life since her early teens, especially in the form of poetry and prose. Shekinah hopes to embody that in their own work, and wishes to write pieces that invoke strong emotions, and deals with the feelings that one would normally wish— or hope— to avoid.

Charlotte Todd - Resident Writer

Charlotte Todd is a seventeen-year-old writer currently based in London, England. She is hugely fascinated by both people and the human experience, a concept which she attempts to decipher in her writing. Charlotte’s work is playful and eccentric yet still retains eloquence speaking from both personal experience and curiosity. Visit her portfolio here.

Honey Simatupang - Resident Artist

Honey Simatupang is an illustrator from Indonesia currently based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She feels most like herself in the dark of the cinema, watching life appear in front of her; and in the first light of day, talking to her houseplant Maurice.

Chelsea Akpan - Resident Artist

Chelsea Akpan is a Nigerian-born cartoonist that focuses on bringing bold colors and exaggerative shapes together to create distinct and playful illustrative work. Her work speaks to her personal experiences and portrays it in a humorous and whimsical way.


join the obz team

for the young, the passionate, the romantic and the chaotic.

Orange Blush Zine is open for team applications once again!


We are incredibly eager to expand our family, and bring Orange Blush into the new age. Let us know who you are, and what you can bring to the table. We want young, passionate individuals. Frankly, we want people who not only live for the arts, but also romanticise the hell out of being an artist in the 2020s.


Resident contributors


WritersWe’re looking for 2-5 writers to join the team to write up think pieces, prose, and personal essays on various topics relating to art, literature, culture, and activism. You may specify in your application if you’d like to write for one of these topics, or across a few. We want heartfelt, raw, brave, passionate, yearning.

Art reviewers: In addition to the 2-5 writers we're looking to join the OBZ team to write up think pieces, prose, and personal essays, we are also looking for writers who can produce art reviews. Please specify within your application whether you prefer to review visual art, written art, film, music, an alternate form, or a combination. 



Visual artists: We’re looking for 2-5 visual artists - illustrators, painters, photographers, etc. – to create scheduled content for our social media accounts and our issues. For an idea of what styles we're looking for, feel free to browse our ‘art we like’ highlights. You’ll notice we’re fans of most things. We’ll likely be a fan of you too.

Apply Here!

Staff positions

Graphic designersWe’re also looking to add 1-2 graphic designers to assist our current designer, Jack. We like collect graphic design, but we’d also like it if our team consisted of designers with varying styles. We’d be happy to send you our Pinterest board if you’d like a closer look at what we find appealing.

Social media assistant: We’re looking for someone to assist our editor to plan our Instagram feed and our captions, as well as our Twitter content. To put it simply, we want our Twitter to cater more to the serious writers and artists, and our Instagram to cater more to gen-z creatives.

Apply Here!

If you’re interested in joining the team, but do not see the right role for you listed, we’d still love to hear from you. Send us a DM or an email telling us about yourself, and how you'd like to contribute.


Please note: we are not currently open for applications for editorial positions.


Everyone is welcome to apply! However, we will be prioritising applicants between the ages of 19-22. OBZ is a youth-led team, and we'd like to continue to uphold that.


All positions are remote. Must be able to work from both laptop/ computer and mobile phone.


IMPORTANT: all positions are on a volunteer basis and are unpaid at this time.


Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions - via email, DM on social media, our contact page, or the chatbox visible in the bottom right corner of the screen.

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Orange Blush Zine, 2021.

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