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the obz team

the creatives behind OBZ.

Komal Keshran - Creator and Editor

Komal Keshran is a young artist from Malaysia. Their work has appeared in APIARY Magazine, The Write Launch and Apeiron Review among others. They are also the creator and editor of Orange Blush Zine. Read their work online at


Jack Joseph - Head of Design

Jack Joseph is a fine art student at Plymouth College of Art, England. His work often references his experience with dysphoria and societal expectations of masculinity and femininity, beauty and the ugly, developing distinct aesthetics through unique techniques. His work is created through a multifaceted process of photography, illustration, animation and other digital mediums; forming imagery which appears to be in some liminal space and often grotesque, unsettling or peculiar.


Sophia William - Exec. Team Member


Sophia William is a psychology student and executive team member at Orange Blush Zine. She's here for the vibes.


Shekinah Louis - Resident Writer

Shekinah Louis has always been fascinated by how words can possess such a powerful hold on someone's life, let alone their moods. Words have had a humongous impact in her life since her early teens, especially in the form of poetry and prose. Shekinah hopes to embody that in their own work, and wishes to write pieces that invoke strong emotions, and deals with the feelings that one would normally wish— or hope— to avoid.


Charlotte Todd - Resident Writer

Charlotte Todd is an eighteen-year-old writer currently based in London, England. She is hugely fascinated by both people and the human experience, a concept which she attempts to decipher in her writing. Charlotte’s work is playful and eccentric yet still retains eloquence speaking from both personal experience and curiosity. Visit her portfolio here.


Phoebe Anson - Resident Writer

Phoebe Anson (she/her) is a recent graduate of English Literature from the University of Sheffield. She is currently taking a year away from studies, working as a support worker, before she goes back to university to do a Master’s degree. Phoebe’s work explores a range of themes from the female body to animal theory to deconstructions of the (human) self. Phoebe has previously been published in Orange Blush Zine, as well as other publications like Illagrypho Press, Streetcake Magazine, Quince Map, and Nymphs publications.


Devanshi Singh - Resident Writer

Devanshi Singh has always loved words and their ability to transform and empower people so completely. They are a seventeen-year-old writer, and their work reflects their experiences with fluidity, growth and change – and how we can find beauty in that. They hope to make art out of their words that will make people feel alive, and look for the beauty they wouldn’t normally notice.


Chelsea Akpan - Resident Artist

Chelsea Akpan is a Nigerian-born cartoonist that focuses on bringing bold colors and exaggerative shapes together to create distinct and playful illustrative work. Her work speaks to her personal experiences and portrays it in a humorous and whimsical way.


Ian Long - Resident Artist

Ian Long is an artist currently studying illustration at Montclair State University in New Jersey, USA. They enjoy creating narrative pieces by using a combination of bold colors, textured brushes, and paper overlays. In their free time, you can find Ian reading, taking walks, antique shopping, or watching reality TV with their roommates.


Marjorie Gaber - Resident Artist

Marjorie Gaber is an illustrator, writer, and cartoonist currently based in Dearborn, Michigan. She writes a lot of autobio comics these days focusing on her day to day life in her hometown; she also likes to make works exploring queer identity, horror, escapism, and, when the mood strikes, cowgirls. She also Has A Lot of Thoughts about robots.


Stephanie Ellis - Resident Artist

Stephanie Ellis is an illustrator based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her work is largely inspired by the natural world, storytelling, and her midwest upbringing. Her paintings often are character driven and feature a variety of organic shapes and objects. She creates these worlds with familiar flora and fauna while also incorporating strange or fantasy elements.


Lorena Horng - Resident Artist

Lorena is a student from Texas, USA with a love for all things visual arts. She spends most of her free time either painting or staring at paintings, and can often be found wandering around a grocery store or finding thematic parallels between modern art and art history.


Chloe Harnett-Hargrove - Resident Artist

The letter 'b' no longer works in her keyboard so she has to constantly copy and paste one from wherever she can find it. She has a list of very specific things she wishes she were, but only manages to show up as vague and ambiguous. She wants to draw the comic that dethrones Watchmen. *ducks* - 2:14 am


But really, Chloe’s been self-publishing for a while now and affords her comix habit with a graphic design job. Occasionally (as in when she gets up the nerve), Chloe enters art shows with her work. Most recently, she was a semi-finalist in Broken Pencil's Indie Illustrator's Death-Match.


Caitlin Noble - Resident Artist

Caitlin is an illustrator based in Falmouth, Cornwall. After completing her Foundation Art and Design Cert HE in UWTSD 2020- Caitlin began studying a BA in Illustration at Falmouth University, following her passion for art and drawing- and creating striking visual imagery both the artist and audience can lose themselves in. Greatly inspired by line and pattern- much of Caitlin’s practice in centred around detail in mesmerising designs.

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